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Skill of the Month Zoom Call

What you should know before registering

  1. At this time, the skill of the month club is only available in English.

  2. Please have your camera on so people can interact with you. People like interacting with people, not just pictures :)

  3. You will be building skill with other people, so come prepared to give your best and receive from others.

  4. You will not be permitted to join the meeting 15 minutes after the meeting has started. 

No Zoom Call in December

Skill Building Events: Text
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The Skill Builders Podcast

Join us every Tuesday at 7:30 am for the video release of The Skill Builders Podcast and practice with us in real-time (No new podcast until July 2023).

Click here to be taken to The Skill Builders Podcast YouTube page. Remember to click the reminder so you can get notified when the video goes live.

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