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Join the Skill of the Month Club

Join the Skill of the Month Club!

Our skill of the month club is our practice-based system for disciples of Jesus to grow in godliness. It's a simple process where we focus on practicing and improving at least one skill a month. That's 12 improved skills over the course of a year and many more over the course of a lifetime! Growth happens slowly over time, and rarely is it immediately noticeable. However, if you commit to fulfilling your calling, you will see growth when you build relevant skills. 

Starting is as simple as 1,2,3...

1. Connect

Sign up for our Monthly Playbook. Stay informed about the updated skill of the month and skill-building opportunities.

2. Practice Individually

Visit the Skill of the Month page. Download and work through the relevant material individually.

3. Practice in Community

Register and join our monthly zoom call, where we practice the skill as a community.

Monthly Playbook Sign Up

December's Skill is:
Goal Setting

Relevant Documents:

Goal Setting

Additional Resources:

Click here to view video resources for Goal Setting

Click Here to Be Taken to This Skill's Page

Skill of the Month Zoom Call

What you should know before registering

  1. At this time, the skill of the month club is only available in English.

  2. Please have your camera on so people can interact with you. People like interacting with people, not just pictures :)

  3. You will be building skill with other people, so come prepared to give your best and receive from others.

  4. You will not be permitted to join the meeting 15 minutes after the meeting has started. 

No Zoom Call in December

This Month's Skill
Skill of the Month Zoom Call
More Information on the Skill of the Month Club
More Information About the Skill of the Month
Why Should I Join the Skill of the Month Club?

More Productive

As you build relevant skills, things that slow down your productivity will be removed or diminished, and things that increase your productivity will be enhanced.

Improved Relationships

The things that hold us back in relationships are often harmful beliefs and behaviors that we have developed over time. As we improve relevant skills, we strengthen our beliefs and our behaviors. Everything connected to relationships, from business connections to conversations, can improve.

Fine Tune Your Life

You already have been gifted with an amazing set of talents and skills. These things, however, are not finished products. When you partner with Jesus to build skill, He takes what you are and molds you into whom you are supposed to be.

Become More Trustworthy

As you partner with God to build relevant skills, you become more stable. As you become more stable, you become more trustworthy. People are looking for something stable to put their trust in. As you gain more trust, you can gain more influence and impact in this world. 

What's Stopping You From Joining the Club?

How Long Will This Take?

You can go at your own pace! Whether you want to work on a skill for a few minutes or a few hours, you can work at a rate that is comfortable for you.


In general, however, to go through each skill an adequate amount of times each month will take about 1-2 hours. The monthly zoom call will generally last about an hour. Therefore, a solid commitment to the skill of the month club is about 2-3 hours a month


But remember, you get out what you put in. The more time and intentionality you dedicate to improving a skill, generally, the better results you will have.

What will this cost me?

You will need your name and an email address to get started. Other than that, your only cost will be time and energy. There is no monetary cost to joining the skill of the month club or to engage with our other activities.

We realize all of these may be more valuable than money, but we are confident that you will be happy with the return on investment of your time, energy... and email address :).

This Seems Unnecessary. Isn't Bible Study Enough?

Bible study and skill-building are not mutually exclusive. They are a great complement to each other​. Bible study is the analysis of scripture for the application and transformation of the life of a disciple. Skill building is the improvement of isolated skills through constant repetition.


An analysis of scripture shapes and directs your life. It improves your life by creating paradigms for you to see the world through. Building meaningful skills fine-tunes your life and enhances your current abilities.

Improved skills can improve 

  • Your relationship with God and people, 

  • Your self-awareness and your situational awareness, and 

  • Your revenue and productivity.


You can live a great life as a disciple who studies the bible, but you can live an even better life if you include skill-building into your discipleship. Let bible study shape your life, and let skill-building improve what has been shaped. Do this with Jesus and for Jesus.

How do I know this is going to work?

You can be confident this will work because this form of learning and training has been around for centuries. Using constant repetition, basketball players practice free throws, musicians practice scales, and salespeople practice scripts, all in an effort to improve themselves. They engage not just their mind but also their body to improve in one isolated area.

If it works for some of the greatest performers and producers of all time, We're confident it can work for you!

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