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Become a Flourishing Disciple of Jesus

Join the skill of the month club and start practicing the skills of a disciple!

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A Lack of Growth Stifles What Matters Most

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  • Your relationships with God, yourself, and others suffer.

  • ​You may be allowing fear and indecision to shape your choices.

  • Your influence and impact in this world remain smaller than they should be.

If you don't grow in godliness, you won't fulfill your calling!

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Skill of the Month (Home)

Take the Guess Work Out of Discipleship

Join the Skill of the Month Club and Practice the Skills of a Disciple! 
Starting is as simple as 1,2,3...

1. Connect

Sign up for our Monthly Playbook. Stay informed about the updated skill of the month and skill-building opportunities.

2. Practice Individually

Visit the Skill of the Month page. Download and work through the relevant material individually.

3. Practice in Community

Register and join our monthly zoom call, where we practice the skill of the month as a community.

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Become Who You are Called to Be

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Fulfill Your Calling By

  • Building skills that will help you be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ

  • Building skills related to your calling

  • Growing in godliness and holiness

  • Ridding yourself of sinful and ineffective behaviors that hinder you

  • Harnessing your potential through improving your skills

Improve Your Most Important Relationships By

  • Building skills that connect you to God and people

  • Learning how to lead yourself and others

  • Building skills that increase your influence and impact, not remove it

  • Having a better understanding of who you are

  • Understanding the importance of the people around you

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We offer you a place to improve and implement the teachings of Jesus without the fear of failure.

We understand the frustration of knowing you aren’t living up to your calling and also the incomplete feeling of wanting to grow in godliness, yet you’re unsure if anyone can or will help you.

Growing True Disciples can help!
We partner with God to help disciples of Jesus who want to fulfill their calling have a practice-based system for growing in godliness. Years of following Jesus and working in church leadership have taught us that a practice-based system for growth is a valuable tool for any growing disciple. If you don't grow in godliness, you won't fulfill your calling. Strengthen your walk with God today! 

Other Offers


We have a constantly growing library of visual media and engaging documents created to help you build the skills of a disciple. Our library is composed of active and passive learning opportunities, utilizing both mental and physical reps to help build skill. Whether you are a current or potential disciple of Jesus, take time to partner with God and intentionally grow in Godliness!

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Partner with God to Fulfill Your Calling

Ultimately, every breath we have is a gift from God; however, it is our responsibility to use that breath for the glory of God. Should you choose to engage with any of the resources available on this website, know that God doesn’t run our race for us, and we can’t run it without Him. The best partnership is us running with God. God is the one who grows us up, but we work with Him in this process. Whether you are a current or potential disciple of Jesus Christ, If you go on this journey to improve the skills of a disciple, remember that we partner with God to be whom He has called us to be.

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Not sure about our process? No worries! Check out a few of our skill-building videos and podcast below or visit our skill-building page.

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