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Grow and Maintain Wholehearted Devotion to God

Strengthen your relationship with God by practicing the skills of a disciple!

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A Simple Way to Grow and Maintain Wholehearted Devotion to God

A Simple Way to Grow and Maintain Wholehearted Devotion to God

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What behaviors do you need to remove, implement or improve? We help you...

Remove poor behaviors such as:

  1. Self-sabotage 

  2. Not liking yourself

  3. Afraid to share your faith

  4. And more

Implement and improve good behaviors such as:

  1. Biblical literacy

  2. Integrity

  3. Honor

  4. And more

Our behaviors express our devotion to Jesus. Practicing the right skills can improve our behaviors and help disciples grow and maintain wholehearted devotion to God!


Become Who You Are Called to Be

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Don't be the villain in your devotion story!

Work through the cycle of devotion and improve your relationship with God. 
Starting is as simple as 1,2,3...

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Identify behaviors that need to improve.


Practice skills to improve relevant behaviors.


Desire wholehearted devotion to God. Ask Him, "what do I need to work on now?"


Ask God, "what do I need to work on next?" and work the cycle of devotion again.

Fulfill Your Calling By

  • Building skills that will help you live as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ

  • Building skills related to your calling

  • Growing in godliness and holiness

  • Ridding yourself of sinful and ineffective behaviors that hinder you

  • Harnessing your potential through improving relevant behaviors

Improve Your Most Important Relationships By

  • Building skills that connect you to God and people

  • Learning how to lead yourself and others

  • Improving behaviors that increase your influence and impact, not remove it

  • Having a better understanding of who you are

  • Understanding the importance of the people around you

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Growing True Disciples can help!

We offer you a place to remove, implement, and improve the behaviors of a disciple without the fear of failure. We do this because we know what it's like to be hungry for godliness and yet feel far away from it or unsure of how to obtain it.               

Other Offers

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The Skill Builders Podcast!

Practice the skills of a disciple without the fear of failure. Build skills that improve your relationship with God, yourself, and others as well as help you overcome sin, prepare you for your calling, and help you fulfill your potential.

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Partner with God to Fulfill Your Calling

Ultimately, every breath we have is a gift from God; however, it is our responsibility to use that breath for the glory of God. Should you choose to engage with any of the resources available on this website, know that God doesn’t run our race for us, and we can’t run it without Him...                   

Heart Transformation > Behavior Modification

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Not sure about all of this? No problem! Feel free to check out our social media platforms and be on the lookout for new skills, blogs, and more!

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