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Partners in Discipleship 

Why do alone what can be done better as a team?

I desire that everyone who interacts with this ministry live as a growing true disciple. But I'm not foolish enough to think I can do that alone. That's why I am endorsing other people and organizations. I believe these brands can help you in areas where the ministry of Growing True Disciples does not specialize. I trust that the brands represented on this page will equip you with the additional resources you need to live as a flourishing disciple of Jesus, wholly devoted to Him. I am still filling out a few areas, so if you see a section where a ministry is not mentioned, please send me a few recommendations, and I'll try to look into them!


Below are two graphics; each shows disciplines in which a disciple should be knowledgeable. This is not a comprehensive list, but these are disciplines that I believe have great value in the life of a disciple. Click on the text below the graphic to get more information about how each brand can help you in the specified area.

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Essential Disciplines

Partners in Disciplesip
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Biblical Literacy (How to read and apply the Bible)




  • Who are you in Christ?

  • How to be a godly man

  • How to be a godly woman

How to Relate to God

Navigating Relationships

  • Marriage

  • Friendship

  • Family


Secondary Disciplines

Worldwide Missions

Career Advancement 


Music and the Arts


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